batomic Airwaves

  • Why the Agency-in-the-Middle is Being Squeezed

    We're taking a quick break from introducing our pilot agencies for a special episode on independent agency margins. Listen to 4 agency owners discuss why the IA channel ecosystem has slowly eroded margins for the agency-in-the-middle...and what that means for their future.

  • Why Insurance Agents Should Own Their Data

    Meet Robby Burton. He's one of the foundering members and pilot agencies of b atomic. In this episode, he'll share his vision for the future of the independent agency and some key insights he's already achieved through Neon.

  • The Org Structure of a Data-Driven Agency

    Meet Ryan Pessell. He's the second of our 13 pilot agencies to share why he chose Neon. In this episode, Ryan digs into how he's spent the last 3 years shifting the organizational structure of his agency as he works on becoming a more data-driven biz.

  • How Insurance Data Silos Are Hurting Indie Agents

    Matt Simon explains how he pushed his agency to the limits of current insurance tech and why that drew him to work on Neon with Seth Zaremba.

  • Why B Atomic Was Created

    The very first episode of b atomic airwaves. Seth Zaremba, CEO of b atomic, and Sydney Roe, CMO of b atomic, discuss why they made the decision to start b atomic.