Build the next generation of insurance tech with us.

We are zinc.

  • An independent insurance agency in Cleveland, OH. We love the IA gig but are tired of the way insurance tech works.

    • It doesn't integrate with other technology.
    • It doesn't allow us to utilize our data.
    • It’s difficult to connect with carriers.
  • We wanted to do more for our clients but felt limited by our tools. So we built our own insurance tech that:

    • connects with other tools we need to best serve clients
    • is client-centric to provide the best experience
    • carriers are behind and can easily connect with
  • We’ve built the tech for zinc and have been running our agency on it for over a year

    with awesome results.

  • $28,615

What is Neon?

As we shared what we were working on, we realized other agencies were struggling with the same issues. So, we made a big decision: We decided to share our system with others. That's Neon.

Neon isn't just about making zinc better; Neon is about redefining the way independent insurance agencies operate. It's about harnessing the latest in business technology and molding it for the insurance world.

Forget everything you know about insurance tech.

Together, we’ll build something better.

Join Us

  • "Seth is committed to unleashing this great power in a way that ultimately will benefit customers."

    Rough Notes Agency of the Month
    May 2019

  • "When... industries change, it's always amazing how the right leader comes along at the right time. And I think that's who [Seth is]."

    Jason Cass, Agency Intelligence Podcast
    February 2019

  • "There is no doubt in my mind [Seth] is building the next generation of independent insurance agency."

    Ryan Hanley of Agency Nation
    August 2017

  • "There are moments in history that we can look back to as turning points…. This is one of those times and Seth Zaremba is a name that will be remembered for THIS moment."

    Josh Berg, BLIP Podcast
    March 2019